Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hidden Surprise

I love estate sales and look for those advertising quilts and linens. This story is about a quilt I found at an estate sale in Kansas City.

It's a simple quilt -- a scrappy 4-point star pattern with a white background and what appears to be a bedsheet for the backing. The fabrics appear to be from the 40s and 50s, although I'd have to do some research to make sure. The quilt is tied; the crochet thread ties are spaced about 4 inches apart and knotted over and over. Whoever made this quilt did not want the ties to come undone. The quilt is in excellent condition. No wear whatsoever, and very clean. It's heavy, even for its size (82" x 63"). Perhaps that is the reason it is so clean. It may have been too heavy to be comfortable. It isn't a "great" quilt, but I like the fabrics and the overall look is appealing because of the design and colors. Someone put a lot of work into this quilt and I'd hate to see it put in the trash or the dog kennel, as I imagine happens to quilts that don't sell.

It's the last day and last hours of the sale. This quilt needs to be saved so I decide its a steal at $12.50 and take it home.

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