Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where does time go when we're not looking? It's been way too long since I updated this blog. But I'm back and I'm going to try to be better about writing. Happily I've found time to sew and have made a few quilts and made a jacket for myself. I haven't sewn clothing for decades but the jacket was easy and I love it. Watch for photos in the near future.

Last fall my nephew presented me with a quilt challenge. He handed me a large piece of camouflage fabric - medium weight twill -- and asked me to make a quilt for him. "As big as you can" were his instructions.

My immediate response was, "You're kidding, right? No, he wasn't kidding. But I'm happy to say I did it and actually like the resulting quilt. I used snow ball blocks and the alternating corners turned out looking like the crosshairs on a rifle scope. The quilt measures about 64" x 72".

My nephew has two German Shorthair dogs, Sooner and Rosie, that hunt with him. I just happened to have a fat quarter piece of flannel with German Shorthairs on it. So I fussy cut the dogs and put them in the corners. the corners have an extra strip where I embroidered the dog's names. That will make the quilt extra special, I hope.

With the leftover scraps I made a small (42" x 42") quilt for his grandson so they can have sort of matching quilts.

Aren't these quilts fun? I never would have thought about making a camouflage quilt if he hadn't asked me. I hope they both like them and spend lots of hours cuddled up together in their Man Quilts!

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