Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Quilt Market Time

Good morning from Portland, Oregon! Day one at International Quilt Market. Today we unpack the crates and set up the booth for Kansas City Star Quilts. We have 3 booths this time, one less than usual, but somehow we'll get the quilts hung and the books displayed. The quilts will actually wait until tomorrow, after the Schoolhouse Sessions. So what is quilt market? Twice a year -- spring and fall -- quilt shop owners from around the world gather to see the latest fabrics, tools, patterns, and embellishments, and meet the designers who create those wonderful quilts that we all love. This week they will be purchasing the items that will fill their shops this fall. Kansas City Star Quilts will be revealing their latests books from your favorite designers. Go to for the latest info and click on Bookstore to see all our books, including the new releases. Tune in tomorrow for more news from Quilt Market.

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